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Enjoying Pachaug State Forest

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Friends of the Forest

The Coloring Book is Here! Purchasing one is a great way to support Friends of Pachaug Forest! Get a preview here and order one:

Welcome to

Friends of Pachaug Forest

Enjoy and take in the spirit of the forest. As a nonprofit organization, Friends of Pachaug Forest (FOPF) celebrates the biodiversity of the largest forest in CT. There's lots to do and behold in Pachaug Forest and we invite you to join with us in stewarding and promoting activities.

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Pachaug Forest is part of The Last Green Valley which is considered a National Heritage Corridor.

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Friends of Pachaug Forest hosts educational and recreational events for all ages. We invite you to participate!

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Membership options are available for everyone! Join today!

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Get Involved

What kind of adventures do you want to go on? Members of Pachaug Forest lead hikes and organize activities. Be part of protecting and preserving Pachaug Forest for generations.




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