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The Pachaug Pursuit


Friends of Pachaug Forest is issuing a challenge that we hope will inspire people to get out to more of Pachaug Forest's remote locations and maybe find a new favorite spot. The challenge is to visit at least five places and take a picture of the spot you have chosen from our list. You will have the opportunity to be entered in a raffle twice!

Challenge Guidelines

  1. There are 10 locations within Pachaug State Forest to visit.  Visit at least five places and take a picture at a designated spot.  If you complete 5, you will be entered into a raffle.  If you do all ten, you will receive two entries into the raffle.

  2. Please Post/ share your hike on the Friends of Pachaug Forest Facebook Page.  This is optional and not required to enter the raffle.

  3. Once you have completed the challenge, please email your name and all of the pictures in one email to Erica Sundstrom at  Put “Pachaug Pursuit” in the subject line.

  4. Hikes need to occur between March 1, 2024 – November 30, 2024.

  5. Emails must be received by Erica NO LATER than December 15, 2024, in order to be entered into the raffle.  No exceptions will be made.

  6. Three winners will be drawn at the First Day Hike on January 1, 2025.  You do not need to be present to win.

  7. This challenge is open to all – both members and non-members of FOPF.

  8. Prizes will include an FOPF membership and FOPF merchandise.  Everyone who completes the challenge will get a certificate of completion.

1  & 2

Find two of the following four shelters:

  • Great Meadow/ Dawley Pond Shelter: N 41° 37’16.6” W 71° 48’ 55.4”

  • Mt. Misery/ Dry Reservoir Shelter: N 41° 35’ 26.7” W 71°52’ 53.0”

  • Peg Mill Shelter: N 41° 32’ 00.0” W 71° 48’ 06.5”

  • Wyassup/ Legend Wood Shelter: N 41°29’48.9” W 71°52’32.6”


Pharisee Rock:

You can park at Cedar Swamp Road.  Take the Blue/White Trail to the End to find the Summit sign and the mailbox.


Flat Rock Overlook:

You can park at Hell Hollow Pond.  Take the yellow trail to the Pachaug/Quinebaug Connector Trail.


Green Falls Dam:

You can park at Sand Hill Road and walk East on the Blue Trail.


Mt. Misery Summit:

You can park at Chapman Field and walk up cut off road to the trailhead and hike the Mount Misery Loop (1.9 miles) or between April 1 and November 30 you can drive up cutoff road, turn left onto Fire Tower Rd and hike up the backside of the summit for a shorter climb to reach the summit.  Amazing view of the sunrise here!


CCC TNT Shack:

Park near the CCC field near the flagpole and walk up Trail 1 road.  Be on the lookout on the left hand side of the road for the shed back up in the woods.


Bridge at the top of Lowden Brook: Park across from the picnic area just after the intersection of Trail 1 and Stone Hill Rd.

Head up the trail that meanders along the Lowden Brook. About .66-.75 miles up a wooden bridge crosses the brook, after some lovely waterfall views. You can then turn around and head back or continue on the Lowden Brook Loop Trail that totals about 3.6 miles.


Bi-state marker on Narragansett Trail:

This is right off Green Fall Rd (CT) or Camp Yawgoog Rd (RI) opposite of the blue trail entrance.  Lots of great trails in the area - see if you can find the Dinosaur Caves, Hidden Lake, or the backside of Green Falls Dam. N 41°52’73.1” W -71°79’20.1”.


Rhododendron trail dock at the end of the trail:

Park at Chapman Field and look for the sign for the Rhododendron Trail.  

Please let us know if you have any questions and Happy Hiking!!

Hikes & Locations
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Man Hiking in Wilderness

May the Forest be with you!

For questions pertaining to Pachaug Pursuit, contact Erica at

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