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The Return of Pachaug Pursuit


Friends of Pachaug Forest is issuing a challenge that we hope will inspire people to get out to more of Pachaug Forest's remote locations and maybe find a new favorite spot. The challenge is to visit at least five places and take a picture of the spot you have chosen from our list. You will have the opportunity to be entered in a raffle twice!



All hikes will need to be completed between the dates of Feb 1, 2023 and November 30, 2023. Once your explorations are completed please mail them to Erica Sundstrom at Be sure to include your name and put Pachaug Pursuit In the subject line no later than December 1, 2023. 


For updates, please visit the FoPF website often. Prizes will be awarded to established members of Friends of Pachaug Forest but everybody will receive the benefits of our beautiful forest.


We will greatly appreciate everyone posting their photos on  the Friends of Pachaug Forest Facebook page.


All participants are welcome; but those with current  memberships will be automatically entered into a raffle if they send in five pictures and they will be entered twice if they send 10 pictures.


Three winners will be drawn at the First Day Hike on January 1, 2024. You don't need to be present to win.

Some of the locations are joined with FOPF led events! Please note that the locations we chose for this challenge are off the beaten path and that makes directions difficult. We did our best but have provided the GPS coordinates to make things simpler.

For updates, please visit the FoPF website often. Three winners will be drawn at the First Day Hike on January 1, 2024 and will be contacted via email and/or phone. All winners will be announced on social media and on the website. 

  • More details on prizes soon.

Great Meadow/ Dawley Pond Shelter

You can take Brown Road to Back Road and park at Great Meadow Pond lot.  Walk about .25 miles to the shelter.  We encourage you to continue on to extend your hike. Shelter is located at 

N 41° 37’16.6” W 71° 48’ 55.4”.


Mt. Misery/ Dry Reservoir Shelter

You can park at Trail 2 (just before Cutoff Rd.) and enter the Nehantic Trail.  The shelter is about one mile down and is located at N 41° 35’ 26.7” W 71°52’ 53.0”.


Peg Mill Shelter

You may park at Green Falls Beach Area. Walk up the direct road or to the Red/Blue Trail to the Blue trail (Narragansett Trail). Shelter is located at

N 41° 32’ 00.0” W 71° 48’ 06.5”


Wyassup/ Legend Wood Shelter

*This one can be a little tricky to find*

We suggest parking at the Wyassup Boat Launch, then take the Enduro Trail. The shelter is on an unmarked trail and can be found at

N 41°29’48.9” W 71°52’32.6”.


Mount Misery Summit

You can park at Chapman Field and walk up cut off road to the trailhead and hike the Mount Misery Loop (1.9 miles) or between April 1 and November 30 you can drive up cutoff road, turn left onto Fire Tower Rd and hike up the backside of the summit for a shorter climb to reach the summit.  Amazing view of the sunrise here!


Heron Marsh

Park at the lot in Griswold at the corner of Rts. 138 and 201.  Enter and hike down to the marsh.  

If you would like to continue, you can try the Pachaug Trail and Nehantic Trail Loop (here is the All Trails link to that loop:


Bi-state marker at the Narragansett Trail Head

This is right off Green Fall Rd (CT) or Camp Yawgoog Rd (RI) opposite of the blue trail entrance.  Lots of great trails in the area - see if you can find the Dinosaur Caves, Hidden Lake, or the backside of Green Falls Dam. N 41°52’73.1” W -71°79’20.1”.


CCC Dynamite Shed

Park near the CCC field near the flagpole and walk up Trail 1 road.  Be on the lookout on the left hand side of the road for the shed back up in the woods.


Pharisee Rock Summit Trail Register

You can park at Cedar Swamp Road.  Take the Blue/White Trail to the end to find the Summit sign and mailbox.


Pachaug-Great Meadow Swamp National Natural Landmark marker

Enter the boat launch across from Smokey the Bear on Rt 49 in Voluntown. The rock with the marker is on the grass in front of the boat launch and river. It’s almost as if Smokey is watching over it.

Hikes & Locations
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May the Forest be with you!

For questions pertaining to Pachaug Pursuit, contact Erica at

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