Points of Interest in Pachaug Forest

There are so many ways to enjoy the world of nature. Something for everybody doesn't  really express it enough. This section is created to encourage engagement directly with Pachaug Forest. So get up from that chair, put down that device and get yourself out there!

Pachaug Forest offers 58 miles of motor cycle trails. These trails are open year round with the exception of mud season.


Pets are welcome throughout the forest on leash!

frog Hollow Campground/guide

Frog Hollow Horse Camp Area is comprised of 18 campsites. Horse lovers in particular rely on Pachaug State Forest to enjoy variety, new exploration and away rides with their companions. Great adventures! There are three looped trails for riders, one is 14 miles, one is seven miles and one is six miles. They all begin and end at Frog Hollow Horse Camp.

Youth Camping Pachaug State Forest offers scenic open fields for the boy scouts and the girl scouts to have overnight tenting in nature. The Nehantic, Pachaug, and Quinnebaug trail sections pass through this area.

Frog Hollow Campground/guide
guide/gallery/Mount Misery Overlook

Mount Misery Overlook includes the highest point in the forest at 441 feet. This area provides a sweeping view of the forest. It is accessible by car or trail. Mount Misery Campground offers 22 campsites with water, fireplaces and pit toilets. There is also an area with picnic tables and barbecue pits.

Rhododendron Sanctuary is a trail that leads to a brook then loops back. You will find unusual, very large almost prehistoric looking, evergreen Rhododendron trees filling the area. They bloom in early July.  This little walk is beautiful in winter too!

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Beachdale Pond is stocked with trout, natural bass, pickerel and bullhead. Locals say in hidden areas cranberry bogs can be found.There is a fishing platform, which is wheelchair accessible. This is one of the rare wheelchair accessible spots in Connecticut forests. It has an enclosed deck overlooking marshy water filled with wildlife. There are paved roads nearby for visitors with wheelchairs.

Chapman Field is a large open field with picnic tables located nearby, roads for hiking, and outdoor bathroom facilities.

chapman field/guide/gallery
guide/gallery/green falls

Green Falls Area consists of 18 campgrounds, there is a scenic lake with a trail around it. This is a favorite destination for many due to it's  secluded nature and scenic beauty.

Phillips Pond offers a scenic picnic area right on a very small pond. There are trials in several directions that pass through. Kayaks, canoes and small sailboats are allowed.

guide/gallery/phillips pond
GalleryGuide Hell Hollow

Hell Hollow Pond is about a mile in on Hell Hollow road. It is a  densely filled pond with abundant plant life. It is not suitable for boating because it is very shallow. It is a great space for fishing and hiking the nearby trails and is perfect for wetlands type scenery and bird watching.

Glasgo Pond provides a boat launch, fishing opportunities and special scenic views.

kenwood estates/pachaug Pond/guide


Pachaug Pond is the largest pond in Griswold with water skiing, boating, and fishing going on all summer long. There is a marina with a boat launch and more large boats seem to enjoy this spot.  This shot was taken from Kenwood estates a private picnic area.


Pachaug Forest offers 58 miles of motor cycle trails. These trails are open year round with the exception of mud season.


Pets are welcome throughout the forest on leash!