Trails of Pachaug Forest

Trails of Pachaug Forest


Green Falls Area

Friends of Pachaug Trail Crew is working to make the trail system better- "just in time for good-ole mother nature to unleash her reclaiming again".


Trail Crew Updates:

  • Ryan and members removed a burnt-out car from the Quinnebaug trail in early December!

  • Improved the rock water crossings along the Quinebaug Blue trail;

  • Clear the Quinnebaug Blue trail along the Locke Meadow Pond. Beavers had created a dam and flooded the area.

  • Ongoing efforts to add, update, and improve signage on the trail systems

  • Built a bridge by Bailey Pond Rd. to Hazard Pond

  • Cut over 60 trees across all trails.

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Make every day Earth Day! Please keep the forest clean from litter

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