Friends of Pachaug Forest is a non-profit volunteer organization, whose mission is to protect and preserve the forest and surrounding areas.

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation, which means your deeply appreciated donations are tax deductible.

Our members have unified to prevent development in locations that would disturb the flora and fauna of the forest. Another goal is to create an educational center for the public.

Currently, there are two options for making an online contribution to Friends of Pachaug Forest. You can purchase a membership in Friends of Pachaug Forest or you can make a donation without becoming a member.

There are two membership options available. Individual/Friend membership dues are $20 annually. Family/Friends membership dues are $35 annually. Select the appropriate option using the drop down menu below and then click on the Buy Now button.

After you have completed the payment process, please complete a membership application and mail it in following the directions on the application.

Membership Categories

Donations can be made by clicking the Donate button below. You have the option of making a one-time donation or setting a recurring monthly donation. Donations can be made in any amount. All donations are deeply appreciated!

If you have previously made a recurring donation and wish to stop future payments you can do so by clicking the Unsubscribe button below or by logging into and turning off the payment under your "Pre-approved payments" settings. This will not impact any payments that have already been made, you are also free to donate again at any time you wish. Thank you!