About Pachaug Forest

Pachaug Forest is part of The Last Green Valley which is considered a National Heritage Corridor. It is said to be 77% farmland and forest and is the only remaining corridor or green belt of it's kind between Washington D.C. and Boston. There are thirty five towns within this corridor which extends from Connecticut to Massachusetts. Six Connecticut towns touch Pachaug Forest and exist inside this special area. These towns are Griswold, Plainfield, Sterling, Voluntown, North Stonington and Preston.


Facts You May Not Know About Pachaug Forest

Tucked within this very special emerald belt lies the largest forest in Connecticut with 26,477 acres. This beautiful, bountiful forest has offered so much to so many for generations. People come from near and far to enjoy boating, backpacking, camping, cross country skiing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, horse camping, hunting, motorcycling, mountain biking, picnicking, scenic vistas, snowmobiling, and youth group camping. Pets can also enjoy the forest if the are leashed.

Pachaug Forest provides a place where people can let go from their everyday lives and breathe a little deeper. The artist or nature lover within can come out. There are places in every direction to explore. The Youth Camping area is filled with tents and smiling boys and girls as aromatic fires cook their meals. The forest is an escape from everyday life for young and old. Pachaug Forest has provided so many people with warm and lasting memories.

A recent Harvard Research Study, has provided us with some distressing information about New England forests. We are losing forestland at the alarming rate of 65 acres a day. The study also reminds us that this comes at a time in history when public funding for open land preservation from both state and federal levels is declining. Development is concentrated in southern New England. Harvard Forest Director, David Foster, has stated, “The conversion of forests and farmlands to permanent structures is really changing the face of New England landscape.” A senior ecologist for Harvard Forest, Jonathon Thompson, maintains that the loss of forestland is a bigger threat than climate change as it represents a more immediate threat to local ecosystems.

A very important part of New England life is being lost. It is not easily replaced once it is gone. All of us have a stake in the future of Pachaug Forest and indeed all of the forests of New England. The experts are telling us that we are literally at a turning point right now. Our New England legacy is silently slipping away at the rate of 65 acres every single day.

About Friends of Pachaug Forest

We are losing 3,700 irreplaceable acres of forest land a year in Connecticut. Furthermore, New England is measuring a loss of  69 acres of unique forest and open spaces daily. In addition to this challenge, public funding for conservation and open space is dropping precipitously. According to a Harvard Study, the financial support to protect these resources has dropped fifty percent between 2008 and 2014.

Pachaug State Forest is the largest state forest in Connecticut, and one of it's last vast unspoiled tracts of land. It is located within the area designated by Congress as The National Heritage Corridor. Being part of the National Corridor signifies that it is part of the only remaining large expanse of forest and open lands in the busy corridor between Washington D.C. And Boston.   

The founders of Friends of Pachaug Forest met through a variety of environmental action groups involved in Pachaug Forest issues. After meeting and discussing our interests, we all recognized there was a need for a non-profit group that was targeted to education, recreational use, proper conservation management, volunteerism, and community support for the Pachaug State Forest. This forest was bestowed upon the people of Connecticut for future generations to enjoy. We choose to educate, inform, and work to preserve and protect this essential piece of history. We want to help people recognize that the forest touches on six towns and is visited by those throughout the state and beyond. 

We are just starting out. Our intention will be informing, and interacting with other environmental groups, and fundraising. We will be advocating sound conservation, encouraging use of this wonderful resource, and working in unity with other groups for the benefit of the forest. We will explore many avenues for supporting the forest including hosting events. We are off to a good start and have commitment and passion. We hope to engage others who care about this unique living system. Our deepest goal is to insure that this special forest goes forward undamaged so that coming generations can enjoy, commune, and find that peace within.

Nature is so generous, giving us everything important and asking nothing. For all it's expanse and beauty this forest is helpless to defend itself. Friends of Pachaug Forest is choosing to rise to the challenge and work on behalf of a secure future for the flora and fauna of our forest. We need like minds and hearts. It will require financial and other resources and creative thinking. We need help in assisting people to empower and inform themselves and others, to attend meetings, share what we learn, and involve in all issues that affect the Pachaug Forest in every town touched by this regional issue.

Please choose to join your personal power and good intentions with ours and rise to the challenge in whatever way you can TODAY!


We are committed to protecting and preserving the serene beauty of Connecticut's largest state forest.

Interested in helping? Please contact us at info@friendsofpachaugforest.org