New Seasons, New Feelings, Same Forest

Why am I a friend of Pachaug?  I grew up in Detroit, and it was always a goal of mine to raise my kids close to nature.  I treasured the time I could spend in my little yard growing up, and the adventures my parents took me on that got me closer to nature as well as camp experiences.  

When my husband and I came to Griswold to find a home, a large factor was proximity to Pachaug.  Over the years, and many hikes with and without my kids later, I still love the peace and quiet the forest brings, the fresh smell of pine, and the occasional glimpse of a wildflower.  Each season brings something new to the forest.  At one time I would make monthly pilgrimages to spots I designated for each of the four directions in Pachaug, so I was able to see how nature renews and grows and ultimately sheds itself every year.  In the 90’s I was able to help out with the upkeep of the Nehantic Trail which had fallen into disrepair.  My friend, who was a volunteer trail keeper with the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association, asked me to help her out with it.

We were able to successfully clear and mark a tricky hairpin turn that had been lost.  Today The Quinnebaug Trail also meets the Nehantic there.  I continue to hike and enjoy the forest as much as I can.

Lauren Churchill

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